The unic Yin Yang

is based on the Chinese symbol for the origination and transformation of the human live energy.

German Architekt

Dietmar Schmidt and

his wife Ann-Charlotte Schmidt Yoga teacher from Finland was inspired by the symbol and created a full size 3 dimensional sofa. 

Moving to their new home in 1998 they searched for the perfect interior. They ended up designing and building the entire furniture with beds, wardrobes, shelves, chairs tables and finally the first Yin Yang Sofa all by them selves. The two separate, but complementary parts form a seating area with ample room for two or three people on each part. When joined together, the two parts can be easily transformed into a stylish and functional bed for two persons.

The Yin Yang sofa can be ordered as a complete sofa or in separate parts. All upolstered parts are made from multi- layered  high quality foam in respect ergonomic and orthopedic principles. For the upholstering the most flexible and sustainable fabrics are used. 

The joined sofa has a diameter of 2 m and a

seat height of 37 cm .

The backrest measures

33 cm in height. The bottom plate, legs and supports are built with MDF material . 


The sofa was elected

to be presented to a

wide audience at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair at Bella Center in 1998 and gained immediately great responds. Front page articles have been published and the sofa

had been sold in to an exclusive audience. The design is patented by the danish Patentregister with nr. MR 1998 00878. 

In 2023 the Yin Yang sofa is still 25 years after the creation a timeless piece of art.